Garden Projects

I tend to have many interests when it comes to plants.  Some are latent and a few are active.  From an early age I have been fascinated with seeds.  I would collect them where ever I found them and try to germinate them in my bedroom.  Often times without success.  It comes as no surprise that my current projects involve annuals.  My deepest involvement is with the Japanese Morning Glory, though I’ve toyed with the Calendula and the Sweet Pea while searching for types adaptable to the hot and humid climate of Lower Alabama.  A few new project plants will soon be the Zinnia, Gerbera Daisy and the Gazania.

Japanese Morning Glory – Ipomoea nil

Princess Project – these are my efforts to broaden the selections available of plants that show the princess characteristic. 

  • Growout of the initial hybrid discovered
  • Quest for the purple princess
  • Blue flower, yellow leaf and cordate (heart shaped) leaf
  • dusky (dy) and the browns and grays

Mutant systems – the care and maintenance of systems, many of which involve sterile recessives that produce the stunningly beautiful extreme flower and plant forms.

  • crepe (cp) – reverse tube or “Stand” systems
  • feathered (fe) – Jishi,Sisi or Lion flowered systems
  • maple-willow (mw) – Willow leaved, Dianthus flowered systems

Resistance to rust – the introduction of genes from a seemingly resistant strain of I. hederacea collected in Mexico.



View my Gazania Gallery


View my Gerbera Gallery.


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