Over the years I’ve assembled many and diverse interests through which my focus shifts over time.  These periods of focus are a bit cyclical due to many circumstances and events.  I always manage to pass through them again over time. 

At an early age I was an avid birdwatcher and loved to spend time in the natural world, always curious about the unusual as well as the usual.  I loved details and drawings.  If the information included a map I loved it.  This interest in the natural world has been a central theme throughout my life and heavily influenced my choice of studies in college.

Art and its many manifestations has also always been present in my cycles of interests.  One of my middle school teachers was an artist and his impact on my life is long lasting.  The arts is one area where I’ve always wanted to spend more time and I usually have many projects in my head…most of them unfinished or unstarted.  I know that skillsets have not been developed to their potential which is also a source of recurring frustration.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Arlan,

    I wish you all the best for your new blog! I am looking forward to reading the experiences you have with JMGs and beyond.

    My daughter and I have become birders this year. We took a bird ID class this late winter and now are eager to put that knowledge to use when the various species of birds return to the neighborhood!

    Best regards,


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