Carved Crow Call of Red Cedar and Heart Pine

My wife reminded me that I’ve made several calls for friends and other members of the extended family who hunt, but had not for her son, Jason, who also likes to hunt. I did not have a previously made call to give, so I decided to make him one for Christmas. I’ve had the sketched design completed for this type of call for more than a year. It is definitely influenced by the early Tongue Pincher duck calls of Elam Fisher. A picture of this type of call can be found in James Bennett‘s collection online.

This call design is also heavily influenced by the Acadian traditional cigar style duck call typified by Louisiana call maker Loylley Allemond. Jason now lives in the New Orleans area so the Lousiana influence seemed appropriate. This call has a body of Aromatic Red Cedar wood saved from a tree that grew on Jason’s Great Grandfather’s homestead. The nibs are from heart pine salvaged from window sashes of the old homestead house. The call is reinforced with a hidden CPVC insert for strength.