Purple Princess – Japanese Morning Glory

In the fall of 2006 I grew several volunteer seedlings in pots as I rescued them from the garden. A few of them were from sprouted seeds found in wet pods as I harvested the last of the seed for the year. One such pod came from a purple Kikyo star shaped flower I had purchased as Murasaki Jishi.

Murasaki Jishi

Murasaki Jishi

Of the five seeds grown from that pod, three were purple Kikyos like the parent and two were attractive hybrids with circular flowers and white margins.

388-157-01 F1 Hybrid

388-157-01 F1 Hybrid

As the parent grew between several princess plants of Beni Chidori and Cameo Elegance, I wondered if they could possible be the pollen parents. Not much seed was harvested due to the late season and the quality was poor. I managed to germinate two seeds in 2007, one was normal sized plant with pink circlular flower and the other was this really nice purple flowered princess plant

449-71-02 princess plant

449-71-02 princess plant

 Seed from this plant was saved as seed lot 26107 and is now being grown.

Here are the cotelydons of the 14 seedlings.

Here are the flowers from the 16 plants grown.


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