The Grow out of seed from 322-125-01

Plant 322-125-01 was one of 5 Japanese Morning Glory plants grown from seed I received labeled Q0777.   While the other four plants showed typical Q0777 traits with small pink white margined flowers, very pronounced leaf variegation and small growth stature, this plant was different.  It had normal sized and shaped green variegated leaves, normal sized pink Blizzard flowers and normal growth stature.  As the plant did not show any large flower recessive plant characteristics I speculated that it was a hybrid of Q0777 and a pink Blizzard flowered plant with variegated leaves.  If I was correct, this could be an opportunity to see some different types of Japanese Morning Glories with the princess factor. 

That fall I saved seed from this suspect plant as seed lot 385.  After I cleaned up the garden, I discovered several volunteer seedlings in the vacinity of where the five plants grew.  I transplanted several of the seedlings into pots to see if I could grow them out to flowering to confirm my suspicions of the hybrid plant.  To my delight, several showed the princess growth habit and had leaves and flowers much different from Q0777.  I recovered a very few seeds from these plants, but I was excited for the possibilities of seed lot 385 and the next growing season.

In 2007 I grew 31 plants from seedlot 385.  Here is a picture from the linked PowerPoint presentation showing flowers from the plants of this grow out. 

2007 Grow out of seedlot 385

2007 Grow out of seedlot 385


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