Princess Project – Japanese Morning Glory

A general discription and discussion of the princess characteristics of the Japanese Morning Glory (Ipomoea nil) can be found in my post of April 11, 2009.

My initial interest in these plants began with the discovery of a presumed hybrid plant among the grow out of purchased seed labeled as Q0777.  

322-125-01 Q0777 F1 Hybrid

322-125-01 Q0777 F1 Hybrid

 This hybrid plant had the label of 322-125-01.  The grow out of seed from this plant was the start of this project. Selections from this grow out for further refinement include a small flowered pink blizzard with plover leaves and crystal variegation, and a solid pink larger flowered plant showing the influence of the retracted (re) gene – more than 5 rays in the flower, a scalloped edge to the corolla, and typically shaped retracted leaf with nice variegation.

The first purple princess was discovered in a grow out of seed from a noticable hybrid of a purple Kikyou star flowered plant. (Picture) The saga of this plant is told here.

I’ve made some initial selections toward a line of blue Princess Japanese Morning glories that I feature in this gallery. This is my initial post on developing the blue Princess line.


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