Chinese Tallow Crow Call

I’ve been working on a refined shape for my enclosed reed crow calls. Today one emerged that I am quite pleased with. It definitely is influenced by traditional duck calls, which suits me just fine, as I have always enjoyed the evolution and heritage of these game calls.
Chinese Tallow Closed Reed Crow Call
This prototype call is 3 1/2 inches long and very loud, but still is not quite the sound I seek. I’ve solved the locking problem and now am working to fine tune the tonal qualities.

Chinese Tallow, also known as Popcorn tree, grows locally and is quite abundant. The wood is a beautiful creamy white when turned green, before it is dry, but the wood interior turns this darker color when dried in thicker blank form. It is a nice wood to turn, is very fine grained and finishes well.

I’ve created a page for additional pictures of this call here.