Dried Jalapeño Peppers

I have a garden…. I had a garden…. If a garden is partially defined as a growing area that is devoid of weeds and other volunteer plants, then I may have what was once a garden! This time of the year is tough in the south, because it is finally cool enough to visit the garden again, only to be greeted by the reality of our own neglect. I say “our” because I share a garden space with my neighbor, and my wife’s cousin, Jack. This is a great relationship because in the Spring garden, when things need constant attention, Jack can keep ahead of things during the times I’m traveling on business. By the time the dog days of summer arrive, our commitment to keep all weeds out, tomato plants tied and generally looking good from the road, lose much of the priority they once had and the garden gradually turns into what we face now.

I was able to salvage a few Jalapeño peppers before clean up begins and decided to dry them instead of making more hot sauce or chopping and freezing them. When dried, I was entranced by their beauty and took them outside for a few photos. The sun playing with their translucence was quite nice.