Local Lichens

Thought I would resurrect the blog, as it’s been a while since I added anything. I guess life has a way of getting in the way of activities we think can be sustained at the time of their inception.

I recently picked up a small inexpensive camera to put in my pocket while fishing. The Nikon CoolPix S3200 is not quite up to delivering the quality I’d like, but I can still use it to capture moments not otherwise likely. I’ve been exploring its macro capabilities by focusing on a few of the lichens in the yard. These lichens were found on a Crepe Myrtle.
02262013 069

02262013 05802262013 064


2 thoughts on “Local Lichens

  1. Macro photographs are really interesting to me, and lichens are even more interesting. Did you know that lichens are two organisms living together in a symbiotic relationship. Most often it is a moss living with an algae.
    I was wondering about how you liked your Coolpix camera after you mentioned it in one of your last pieces. My canon died recently, and I’ve been trying to decide which direction to go in.

    • I always enjoy looking at things closely too! You are correct about the symbiotic relationship of lichens, but i believe it is between a fungus and algae! The CoolPix was inexpensive, but I think I’ll be looking for something else with better picture quality. I often use my photos for the identification of microfish I catch and depend upon enlarging them for details. These pictures fall apart pretty quickly when subjected to that.

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