Blue Princess – Japanese Morning Glory

I am also making selections toward a line of blue Princess Japanese Morning Glories. One of my thoughts in developing the various Princess lines is to lean more toward creating initial building blocks for future more pleasing selections for the garden than creating immediate end results. Think of it as a wide base, with different plants, all sharing the princess characteristic, but having other isolated characteristics which may be later combined in different ways to produce stunning results. The idea here is to create a palette of qualities from which to choose. This effort towards the blue princess is along these lines. I’ve selected candidates that have leaves with yellow and green coloring, heart shape or normal shape, as well as dragonfly (dg) influence. This year should be telling if my initial selections are along the right path.

The picture above is of my first choice for this line. It has the diminutive growth of the princess, clear blue colored flowers of small size, and a rather unique shaped yellow leaf. I have other selections which I’ll show on a separate page.


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