Colorful Indian Corn

Last fall I purchased several ears of colorful indian corn from the local big box store, thinking that I might grow some in the garden this year. I did not need much seed, so I selected one of the multicolored ears as source for this year’s crop. After shelling the kernels from the ear, on a whim, I separated out all the grey kernels for planting. This is what they looked like:

As is often the case, the photograph shows more color variation in the kernels than I initially noticed while separating them. Some look green, some show more yellow and others show some red tints. I planted five rows, each about fifteen feet long on March 28th. This creates a nice block to maximize pollination effectiveness. Virtually 100 pecent of the seed germinated into a nice stand. From early on I could see variation in the amount of pigmentation the plants showed. Some are all green while others have varying degrees of red coloring in the stalks, leaves and emerging tassles and ears. Here is a quick show of some of the variety in photos taken this afternoon:


2 thoughts on “Colorful Indian Corn

  1. Yeah, i love indian corn. The first year i planted was great because i had all green plants except for one. It was a complete dark shade of purple. It definably stood out. 🙂

    • Hi Andrew,

      I really had no idea what these plants would look like, having purchased the decorative corn at the local big box store. I’ve been pleasantly surprised…now waiting to see what colors the ears develop!

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