Zinnias emerging

This year I have planted more zinnias than in previous years.  I saved seed from selected plants and will grow many of these out to reveal their qualities.  My plants last year were from seed I had saved many years prior  and were of the tetraploid variety “State Fair”.  I was surprised with the bi-color pattern to many of them and the wide variety of subtle colors revealed.  This year’s planting should expand upon that.

The seed I planted last year was originally from three individually saved flowers and planted in separate rows.  Seed from one of these lines germinated with several plants showing yellow cotelydons.  The zinnias emerging this year from that line are also showing this characteristic.  These young plants start out vigorously, but fail to develop true leaves due to their inability to carry out photosynthesis.  Here is what they look like:

Zinnia cotelydons of "State Fair" heritage


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