Zinnia – Violet Cranberry color series

I have shared previously that I’m growing zinnias seriously for the first time this year.  In 2006 I grew some zinnias as butterfly attractors.  I did not dead head the plants and as I cleaned up in the late summer I clipped off the flower heads and put them in paper bags.  I knew there had to be seed in there somewhere!  As I separated the seed a month or two later, I saved each flower’s seed separately thinking I may want to explore the consistency / variability from an individual flower’s seed.   If there was any color left on the petals I noted it.  I also noted whether the flower was double, semi-double or single.

This year I am growing a couple of the seed lots.  I am very much attracted to the various colors I am seeing in the siblings of one lot in particular.  This lot was from the tetraploid Zinnia violacea State Fair Giants, labeled “482 purple semi-double” and is producing a very nice pallette of colors in what I call a violet cranberry series.   The flower form is not spectacular but the colors tends to initially make up for the lack of form.  I would love to improve and standardize the form and maintain the color series…..

This is one of the newly opened singles with especially nice color.  I’ve created a gallery to show the spectrum of color I am finding.

General PM 061209 035a 850


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