Maple Willow mutant – Japanese Morning Glory

This is the only pedigreed, Q0659, maple willow (m-w) mutant system of Japanese Morning Glory I have growing this year. Of the five seeds I planted, only three germinated…but two are plants of appreciation , meaning plants that show the characteristics of the mutant system. These plants are typically sterile, so the system must be maintained through the fertile plants that are heterozygous for the mutations.

This particular seedling has very photogenic cotyledons with great character. This photo was take on May 4th.



Here is a picture taken this evening showng the growth character of this seedling.



This particular system also has the delicate (dl) gene which makes the leaves very thin and wiry. Even at this stage, the plant has great photographic qualities! Now the anticipation builds as to whether the duplicate (dp) gene will be revealed with its full, double flowers.


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