Early branching – Japanese Morning Glory

One particular F3 grow out line in the Princess Project is producing additional leaves and presumably shoots at the first true leaf internodes.  I’ve not observed this before and it is unique to this one line.  Sibling lines are not showing this capability.  At this point I do not know if it is genetic or environmental.  The other seedlings of various origin and of the same age are not showing this trait.  The parent plant was 385-40-01, a nice plant with the unique shape to the variegated leaves caused by the retracted (re) gene and scallopped pink flowers with a small white margin.  Of the seven plants I presently have growing from this plant, 4 show the early side shoots and 3 do not.  One of the 3 “normal” plants is quite obviously a hybrid plant due to its wild type leaves that are not variegated.

This is one of the plants showing a first internode retracted leaf.  The cotyledon is visible in the lower left corner and it has 5 regular leaves and 3 new leaves at the internodes.



This is an “aerial” view of this seedling showing some scale and the size of the plant. 



The growth habit of the parent plant was noticably different than the rest of the F2 growout in that it was very full and mounding in appearance.  The vines did not want to twine very well and were not very long.  Because of this, I tend to believe that it may be a genetic characteristic, even though I did not notice this early branching specifically in the parent as a seedling.  This certainly adds one more dimension to my evaluation of this line.


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